Friday, 5 July 2013

Friday, Funday IV

Hey team!

Lots of cool things to show you this week.

A talented illustrator and animator creates planets and their inhabitants throughout the month. Planet Six is full of warring creatures.

Really enjoyed the animation on this clip. A town made of paper appears before your eyes.

How big is the ocean? It's huge!

Physics is fun. This video shows how the gravity and momentum make this ball-bearing chain seemingly float in mid-air.

My cousin showed me this once and it's very cool.

These videos and many more can be found at the fantastic blog: The Kids Should See This.

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  1. The chain thing is awesome!
    Also, at work we work with a service specifically for fathers called Father Figure. They provide mentoring and support for fathers as well as activities that fathers can take their kids along too. I told the manager there (David) about your blog and he thought it was great so if he gets in touch at all, that is where it came about (hope that's OK!).